Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Manage Neck Pain

February 25, 2020
  • Author : Carolyn Mohsenzadeh

Degenerative disc diseases, traumatic injuries, and poor posture can contribute to excruciating neck pain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that over 50 percent of Americans suffer from musculoskeletal pain disorders, almost 18 percent of whom experience neck pain.

Chronic and persisting pain symptoms require effective treatment plans to alleviate the underlying cause of pain. Neck pain can cause considerable disability and hinder your range of movement. Thus, seeking a comprehensive treatment to restore your functionality is imperative—regardless of its causes.

You may be unknowingly exacerbating your neck pain or hindering your recovery. There are certain lifestyle changes you can incorporate to manage the painful symptoms, some of them are:

Improve your posture

Poor posture plays a vital role in your spine health. A hunched back and forward head posture renders your neck stiff and tightened.

Consider your workplace ergonomics and work toward habits that improve your neck position through your posture. This includes maintaining a straight back instead of hunching over at your desk and holding your phone as well as your laptop at eye level. Keeping your head in a neutral position will help you relieve a considerable amount of strain on your neck.

Daily stretching

Overworking your cervical spine leads to excruciating neck pain and limits your functionality. Repetitive work can exacerbate painful symptoms. Stretching your neck will ease tight muscles that are prone to spasms and can relieve pressure from compressed nerves in the cervical region.

Avoid lifting heavy itemsStrengthen your muscles by tilting your head to one side and holding the position for a minute. Repeating this exercise throughout the day will provide you with much-needed relief from sudden pain spasms and discomfort.

Avoid lifting heavy items

Neck strain is a common cause of muscle aches, neck injuries, and debilitating pain. Lifting heavy items is not recommended for people who struggle with chronic and acute neck pain.

This includes intensive gym workouts and weightlifting as well as seemingly regular activities such as carrying heavy bags. Shoulder and back strain caused by a heavy purse can lead to a stiff neck.

Avoid lifting heavy weights for a prolonged time to effectively manage pain flare-ups.

Visit a medical professional

If your neck pain persists, see a doctor. But, in the meantime, you can make certain lifestyle changes that will help you manage your symptoms. However, treating them for long-term relieve will require a comprehensive treatment plan.

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